Episode One: Royals

We’re pretty excited here at HRR world headquarters.  Why?  Well, thanks to our friends at Classic Cover Insurance and with support from Kruzin Kustoms, we get to start the year by firing up our new web series and it all starts with this feature on the Royals car club.

New episodes will be released on the first day of each month and we get to skip the hard sell, because they’re free.  At least to us they are anyway, let me explain.  Video really isn’t cheap to make in this format.  So we have two options; get you lot to pay for it, or find some other nice folks to foot the bill.  And the latter is what we’ve done.  But there’s a catch!  We want to make it worth their while and that means getting this thing seen by lots of people.  So, it’s all pretty simple really; if you want to see more of these videos each month and not pay for them then please share them.  Chuck ‘em on on your facebook page, email your hot rod club mates, tell that weird guy down the street who always has oil on his hands.  We’d really appreciate it!

Right, with that out the way let us present to you, the Royals.  No, the other Royals…

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