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Episode Four: The Linesman

Mar 31, 2015Comments off11479 Views

Lofty, lefty, westy. Meet pinstriper and custom painter, Chaz Allen.


Episode Three: The Toy Collector

Feb 26, 2015Comments off10591 Views

John has too many cool projects. But those are my words, not his.


Episode Two: Jammin Gears

Jan 31, 2015Comments off11179 Views

Our second episode tells the story of NZ's Jammin Gears magazine on the eve of its 50th issue.


Episode One: Royals

Dec 30, 2014Comments off11801 Views

We're kicking off our monthly episodes with a feature on the Royals. No, the other Royals.



Nov 04, 2014Comments off9122 Views

John's roadster was assembled 20 minutes from my house so I did the sensible thing and let him get a 600 mile headstart.


Spun By Hutty

Nov 04, 2014Comments off23792 Views

Phil Hutty takes flat pieces of metal and turns them into shapes without any magic powers that we know of.


The South Film

Sep 23, 2014Comments off12279 Views

Critics everywhere have agreed that The South is in fact "a hot rod DVD" and "is 70 minutes long", which is pleasing.


The North Film

Sep 23, 2014Comments off9627 Views

The North is much like our latest film; The South, except that it's older and filmed around NZ's North Island to avoid confusion.


Hammerworks: Mike Roberts

Sep 23, 2014Comments off17144 Views

Mike is one of the most talented humans I have had the pleasure of annoying with a video camera.


Muscle Car Madness 2014

Sep 23, 2014Comments off7444 Views

MCM is the brainchild of well known rodder Craig Stare and for the 24th time, he and his merry band of volunteers take over the

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