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HRR E10 Orpwood Thumbnail

Orpwood Family Hot Rod Co.

Mar 08, 2017Comments off19181 Views

Harry Orpwood is your classic, dyed in the wool kiwi hot rodder. His three boys never stood a chance.


Devil In The Details

Oct 03, 2016Comments off18461 Views

Aaron thought he wasn't the obsessive type. That was before he built this traditionally styled T.

HRR E8 Kane Thumbnail

Misled Youth

Feb 17, 2016Comments off14075 Views

Just your average young car guy. About 75 years ago.

Berkahn Thumbnail

Road Less Travelled

Jan 12, 2016Comments off9155 Views

Hemi powered Willys Gasser. That's all you need to know.

Madman Thumbnail 2

Mad Man

Jan 12, 2016Comments off7542 Views

Meet Craig Stare. The man behind Muscle Car Madness.


Kilsby Coupe

Aug 11, 2015Comments off7406 Views

The Kilsby's '32 Coupe. Understated awesomeness.


Trouble Bound

Jul 02, 2015Comments off4931 Views

New Zealand's hot rodding young guns. Also, muppets.


Episode Six: Evolution/Devolution

May 31, 2015Comments off4980 Views

The evolution of Chris' A Roadster actually meant going the other way.


Episode Five: Chopped

May 01, 2015Comments off5101 Views

Dirt and dingoes. Meet Chopped.


Episode Four: The Linesman

Mar 31, 2015Comments off4740 Views

Lofty, lefty, westy. Meet pinstriper and custom painter, Chaz Allen.